Friday, 20 April 2012

Thank You!

Thanks to Secret Sundays and FashionClicks for their reviews! Much loves! :)

Friday, 30 March 2012

Feather Extensions

Item Code: C1007
Item Name: Feather Extensions Hair Clip-On
Price: 1 for RM8, 2 for RM12
Colour(s): Blue, Brown and Multicolour
Material: Synthetic feather
Status: Available  (Brown sold)   
Details: Clip-on feather extensions

*Colours varies from original product colour. The brown feather extensions are slightly lighter in colour*

Grecian Maxi Dress

Item Code: C1003
Item Name: Grecian Maxi Dress
NOW: 1 FOR RM 32, 2 FOR RM 30 EACH
Colour(s): Black, Lavender, Green, Orange, Navy Blue, Pink
Size: Free size
Material: Smooth cotton
Status: Available
Details: Gold string belt included. 

Breakfast for Advice: Can be styled 2 ways! Buttons at the bottom side of the maxi can be buttoned to the side of the waist. Advisable to be worn with a tube.

Cottony Tank Top, High Waist Layered Shorts, High Waist Denim Shorts

Item Code: C1004
Item Name: Casual Top
Price: RM 20
Colour(s): Pink, Light Teal, Yellow
Size: UK 6-10
Material: Cotton
Status: Available  (Stripe sold)
Details: Can be casually worn tucked in or tucked out

Item Code: C1005
Item Name: High Waist Layered Shorts
Price: RM32
Colour(s): Blue and Green
Size: Green; S, M, L. Blue; S
Material: Polyester
Status: Available
Details: High waisted shorts with hidden side zipper and button.

Item Code: C1006
Item Name: High Waist Denim Shorts
Price: RM32
Colour(s): Black
Size:  L
Material: Denim
Status: Only L left
Details: High waisted black denim shorts with functional buttons.


Item Code: C1002
Item Name : Pocahontas Maxi Dress
Price: RM39
Colour(s): Black
Size:Free size
Material: Cotton
Status: Available
Details: Crochet detailing at the bottom top of the maxi. Perfect for covering up your tummy after a filling breakfast! :)

Remark: Pre-Order Only! Stocks will arrive one week later

Swing Polka Dotted Dress

Item Code : C1001
Item Name : Polka Dot Dress
Price : RM25
Colour(s): Yellow, Peach, Coral Pink, Pink
Size: Best Fits UK 6-8
Material: Cotton
Status: Available
Details: Polka dots dress with functional non detachable sash